Step into the world of Boomkit as we rewind through the musical journey that defined 2023! From our artists’ incredible streaming records to empowering independent artists and delivering lightning-fast support, this is a snapshot of a year that reshaped the soundscape.

Join us in celebrating the beats, the artists, and the unstoppable momentum that is Boomkit—where every note tells a story of innovation and success! 🎉🎵✨

Streaming Triumphboomkit wrap 2023 - Streaming Triumph

Boomkit artists took the music world by storm with a jaw-dropping 180,248,724 streams in 2023, setting the stage for unparalleled success.

Explosive Artist Growth

Explosive Artist Growth

The Boomkit family surged to 45k, welcoming 28k new artists from 24 countries, and creating a global community of independent artists.

Global Language Fusion

Global Language Fusion

Languages became a bridge as Boomkit distributed songs in 12 languages, transcending borders and celebrating the richness of global sound.

Smart mini-websites, smartlinks

Artists harnessed the creative prowess of our smart tools, creating 19,306 BoomPages and BoomLinks, turning Boomkit into a dynamic hub for showcasing their music and other content.

We gave wings to money

Empowering artists, Boomkit facilitated 11,908 wallet withdrawal transactions, turning artistic passion into tangible success.

Swift Customer Support

Boomkit responded lightning-fast, with an average response time of just 383 seconds in 2023. Your music, our priority – quick, seamless support! ⚡🎶✌️

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