Getting into the music industry and having a sustainable career isn’t a stroll in the park. For an artist who wants to achieve this, strategies need to be used, and plans need to be made. Amongst all the strategies in the music game, one consistently stands out in helping artists build a solid fan base and making their projects get the deserved attention and rewards, the strategy is called the Waterfall Approach.

So then, what is the Waterfall Approach? And how do you use it as an independent artiste to succeed in this music Industry? Let’s take it in steps:

Step 1: Build a Foundation – Drop Singles:

Dear artiste, to set your career in the right place at the start, start by releasing singles, one at a time. Each single is a building block for your fan base. Quality and consistency are your allies on this journey, and they will help you gain your dedicated fans, and know what works and how best to sell your craft.

Step 2: Leverage Your Hits – Release an EP

Following your best single(s), add it/them to an EP. This approach boosts your numbers on streaming platforms and makes your EP even more appealing. You know? Just to keep the momentum going. An artiste with multiple hits without a mini project like an EP is perceived to be confused and one without direction.

Step 3: Maintain the Excitement – Tease Your Upcoming Album

While your fans groove to your EP, release new music and tease them with hints of your upcoming album. Create anticipation and keep your fans engaged. Building excitement is an art form in itself so take it as serious as creating the music.

Step 4: The Grand Splash – Drop Your Album

It’s time for the big reveal— your album! But remember, it’s not just about releasing it randomly. Craft a detailed marketing plan and have promotional campaigns in place. Your album deserves to be heard and listened to.

The Waterfall Approach is more than just releasing music; it’s about strategically increasing your Art’s impact on your fans. Don’t forget to employ Boomkit to handle your Distribution and promotions, as the popular industry says, “Hit songs are marketed, not made.”

Fast Rising Stars like Glorilla, AKAI SOLO, Ayra Starr, Bandmanrill, Omah Lay, BNXN, and co.. have all used this strategy. Use it.

Writer: Daniel Scott Eleh (@_daniellscott)

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