Whose music feedback should you listen to as an independent artist?

Music Feedback That Works

Hey there! I’m sure you know that there’s a lot of information on the internet about what to do or not do as an independent artist who’s growing his or her own career. But did you know that there are very few posts or sites that talk about “feedback” as an important part of music? Yes, not many do that.

A lot of creatives and critics shy away from this topic because it hurts egos and, if care is not taken, ends relationships between business associates or friends. But no matter what, music feedback is a must. From the moment a music idea is born until it’s recorded and released to fans, the artist must constantly get feedback on it.

Genuine and professional feedback will enable the artist to keep moving in the right direction. Some feedback is genuine but unprofessional, while other feedback is professional but not sincere. The ability of an artist and his or her manager to obtain this is critical to their professional development.

The question you might want to ask now is, “Whose music feedback matters?” Who can you actually listen to as an independent artist? There are a lot of people who just talk without understanding the process of art, whose feedback is useless to your career. You don’t want to listen to these kinds of people. Now, let’s dive into those who are worth listening to:

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Music producers are more like angels on earth than music artists. The result of a solid chemistry between you and your producer can never be overemphasized. Numerous hit songs and classic tunes are what you get when you listen and respond to the music feedback from your producer.

As an independent artist, listening to feedback from your producer is essential, from the moment you have an idea to the moment you finish the song. Remember to be open-minded.

Music Executives (AnR, music managers, promoters, and DJs)

There’s a difference between insiders and music lovers. Music heads are insiders who understand the music scene. They are familiar with great sounds and what works. Unlike fans, who are blinded by emotions, music heads like managers, ANRs, DJs, etc. keep it professional and straight to the point.

It’s important that you listen to their feedback; if there’s a need for a retouch, then you should take the project back to the drawing board and perfect it again before releasing it. Most times, you don’t see angles with your own senses, hence the need to have music heads on your team as an indie artist. Fireboy wasn’t feeling his monster hit single Peru, so he kept it hidden for a while. The song now has multiple platinum certifications in several countries after his boss Olamide saw it and deemed it fit for immediate release.

Music heads’ feedback is valid.

THE CLIENTS (fans and music lovers))

When you choose to listen to your customers, aka fans, you’ve got to be careful about it. Your fans know what they don’t want, but they don’t know what they want. Calm down and read that again.

Your duty as an independent artist is to lead your fans with your music, but be smart enough to listen to their reactions. When you get your producer and music heads aligned with your new music, don’t forget to measure the results when it finally drops.

The results are generated by reactions from your fans. How did they take it? How many streams did it complete? From which region are most of your streams coming? Was it an instant hit, or did fans ignore it like it never dropped? You’ve got to take time to listen to these reactions.

When you’re done, go back to the drawing board and make changes. It’s noteworthy to state that as an independent artist, one of the best distribution and career management companies you need is Boomkit, a tech brand that uses analytic tools to provide excellent feedback that helps artists grow their careers.

Writer: Daniel Scott Eleh

Socials: @_daniellscott


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