Freestyle Videos are a possible shortcut for Independent artists to Fame and Fortune

Discovering exceptional talents used to be a tedious job for scouts, Record labels and A&R(s), they had to visit clubs, reach out to OAPs, attend mega-events and put the word out to their industry plugs. This lengthy process didn’t just limit the reach of Industry bodies to the best of emerging stars, it provided no direct link for the emerging artists to get in touch with the decision-makers.

But, like the end of a movie cut short, all that struggle is gone now, thanks to Social media, Digital streaming platforms and its tools. Independent artists can now connect directly with their music fans, Record labels, digital companies, in fact.. everyone that’s connectable.

Amongst this pool of opportunities, visual content continues to stand out. Record labels and music companies are everywhere on the internet looking for independent artists who have the real talent to sign a deal with, and one of the criteria for their verification is Freestyle Videos.

They care less about audio tracks, no matter how good it sounds since they know a voice can be auto-tuned to achieve a great note. Thus making a freestyle video with a natural voice gives label owners a hundred per cent assurance that an artist is naturally talented. Countless superstars have got signed on labels from just doing a freestyle video, the likes of Mayorkun (2016), Teni (2017), Rema (2017), Zinoleesky (2019) and so on.

Freestyle videos are the new hack independent artists should employ to break into the demographics of music and its audience. TikTok and Instagram are wonderful tools to use on this mission. Without further ado, here are three things an independent artist should do to optimize the effect of Freestyle videos in the music industry:

  • Record with a quality Camera and be audible.

Everyone loves quality, right? yeah. Independent artists should ensure their videos are clean and audible to their best. Nobody wants to struggle to see your face through a blurry camera with a noisy background, no matter how talented the artist might be.

Attention is short-lived, capture it with your videos.

  • Tag your targets and make your audience do the same.

if you’re aiming to get discovered, signed or picked for a slot in a competition, tagging the accounts of the brands is a must. Tagging gives you a shot at being discovered by brands, the possibility is even higher when you cultivate your fans to tag the brands with you.

  • Post Consistently, Follow up with your song.

Freestyling to popular songs introduces you to a new fan base, at first listen, the fans of the popular song pay you the attention and if you do great with it, they are bound to want more. That’s when your own song comes in.


Independent artists should post freestyle videos consistently and then follow it up with their own single, this makes perfect sense. we advise the ratio 3:1 strategy when it comes to freestyle videos and new releases from independent artists.

And when that song is done, the right place for distribution is no other but Boomkit

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Creating freestyle videos, following up with new singles, building an audience, and getting a record or distribution deal signed are all possibilities.

Writer: Daniel Scott Eleh Socials: @_daniellscott


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